"I do not know anyone in the world who is a better trainer of bodies and minds than Mark Glicini. He is a unique genius at what he does. If you want to get to the next level or the highest level -- Mark will get you there!"


                                                                                               - Rob Gilbert, Ph.D., Professor of Sport Psychology, Montclair State University 

"Over the past ten years, the influence that Mark Glicini has had and continues to have on me in both the physical and mental aspect of sports cannot be understated. At fifteen, Mark taught me how to train, not just for the sake of working out, but for growth. He has understood the importance of this process for a long time now. Over the years, as he’s grown stronger physically and sharper mentally, he is continually searching for better ways to grow and to help those around him grow, and through experience has become a great teacher. 


When it comes to physical and mental training, Mark has been a resource like no other, that I continue to use to this day. He has helped me develop and cultivate a mindset that allows me to get the most out of myself day in and day out, in training and in life.


Ten years ago he taught me the vision it takes to set big goals and the focus and self-discipline it takes to achieve them. Last week he helped put me in the right mindset to complete my first double marathon. I don't know what the future will hold, but I know that I will continue to rely on him for guidance along this physical and mental journey." 

                                                                                                                                                            - Anka Tezcan, Top 10% Ironman Athlete

“I just wanted to reach out to say thank you for all you did for me my first two years in the program. I think you realize how much I appreciate you but I just wanted to let you know that being able to watch you work and kind of just following in your footsteps have had a profound impact on me as both a player and a person.


This whole winning the championship thing is still pretty surreal, but I know it wouldn’t have been possible without badasses like you building our foundation and paving the way. So again, I just want to say thank you.” 


                                                                                                      - Tyler Warner, First-Team All-American Short-Stick Defensive Midfielder,

                                                                                                        College Lacrosse National Champion 2018, Professional Lacrosse Player 

"Mark is that rare individual who sees no middle ground. He has achieved success at the highest level, as a former Yale student-athlete. His focus and sense of purpose benefit all the players who rely upon him for mental focus on the field, where high-level performance escapes most.

His understanding of the principles for success on the field, come from an intense study and acute understanding of these dynamics.


Every family I have sent his way has thanked me and sung his praises.  No small accomplishment in todays competitive environment. Parents want guidance and most importantly they want quantifiable results for their sons. Simply stated... Mark delivers!!"

                                                                                                                                                               -   Ken Miller, Coach, Long Island Sting 

"I have been lucky to have known Mark over the past 7 years, as he has been, and continues to be, a meaningful influence in my life. Service is a term that comes to mind when I think of Mark – he has always demonstrated a deep sense of commitment to his friends, teammates and the community at large. Mark walks the walk. His passion and energy are infectious, and his ability to motivate is second to none.

Mark’s unique value proposition draws upon the journey he forged on his way to becoming an elite athlete and a personal mission to invest in the betterment of himself and those around him. Mark embodies the values which he instructs – humility, physical and mental acuity, and discipline, all of which are paramount to fulfilling both athletic and human potential. 

I have the upmost confidence that an investment in Mark on behalf of an individual or organization will be a transformative experience that will unlock tremendous value and far exceed expectations."

                                                                                   - Michael Quinn, 2016 Yale Men's Lacrosse Captain, Three-time Ivy League Champion,

                                                                                     First-Team All-American Defenseman

"When I started playing and training (lacrosse, strength, and mind) with Mark, I did not know how much of a role model he would become in my life and someone who I look up to repeatedly for pretty much anything; he always seems to have the answers.


I did not truly have an identity as I was just a 15-year-old boy meeting this godly figure in my eyes, someone who plays Division 1 lacrosse at Yale, but also excels at it in ways I have never seen before. My school never really cared about sports and did not put the time into teaching us how to lift at all, which definitely put me at a disadvantage. Little did I know there was a lot more to Mark Glicini than just his ability to play the sport. Someone who is so driven to bettering himself.


I was in this world of recruiting where I felt like the odd one out and like I was running around with my head cut off, not truly knowing which way to go. I felt alone and felt like what was happening to me in my process was not happening to anyone else, and I constantly questioned it. Mark and I both had similar paths, and although I am not going to get into it, let's just say he understood my situation and understood me. He explained to me numerous times I was/am a younger version of him and what he went through.


I cannot attest to this enough; without Mark, I would not even be close to the person and player I am today. Mark has guided me to strive to be the best at whatever I put my mind to. He taught me the value of training the mind and getting the most out of all my workouts, even when I feel like I have nothing left because the mind is always what quits first.


He is an exceptional human being who is the best mental and strength coach I have ever seen and ever had, but most importantly, he is the greatest leader I have ever been around. His dedication to his craft is unmatched, and there is nothing he wouldn’t do to excel even further in it. His energy is infectious, and his knowledge is second to none.


He embodies who and what I want to be as a man. His care for his friends and the individuals around him shows why he is so exceptional at what he does. He is someone who anyone would want to give 110% for. He has so much to offer, and even if you spend 1 hour with him, your mindset will change, and you will have a better understanding of how to focus on a goal and achieve it; all you have to do is say, “Tell me more…”

- Nick Lipsher, client of Mark Glicini Peak Performance and recruited lacrosse athlete    for Washington & Lee University, Class of 2024