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The Making of the Glick: ‘A war against average’

By Josh Schafer | premierlacrosseleague.com | July 29, 2021

What Mark Glicini is about to do doesn’t make much sense, at least not to most people. A few feet away from a 100 mph shot, most people would duck. They’d dodge the shot and live to fight another day with an unbruised body. In sports, it’s often known as a business decision, a shrewd, perhaps selfish choice with survival in mind. 

But Glicini views business differently than most. It’s why he left his job as a renewable energy broker to pursue a degree in sports psychology. It’s why he’s bet on himself with his own mental health performance company. And, it’s why he’s jumping head first into a 100 mile per hour fastball to secure a win for Chaos Lacrosse Club against the Redwoods in Week 3 of the PLL season.


MARK GLICINI: "Am i really crazy?"

By Mark Glicini | premierlacrosseleague.com | April 24, 2020

I continue to be asked questions like these following the inaugural season of the Premier Lacrosse League: “Are you crazy?” “Why do you jump in front of 100 mph shots?” “Do you realize how badly you could get hurt?”


Many fans have come to know me as “the guy who blocks shots with his back,” “the madman who went face to face with The Milkman,” and “the instigator of the brawl in Chicago.” Well, there are always two sides to every story, and here’s mine... 



By Jack Goods | uslaxmagazine.com/pro/nll | January 17, 2020

The Yale lacrosse family helped bring Mark Glicini to the National Lacrosse League. His work ethic and the relationships he built helped keep him there.

Glicini, a stellar short-stick defensive midfielder in the field game, is suiting up in his first NLL season with the San Diego Seals. After building up an impressive reputation outdoors, the four-year pro is looking to do the same in the box game.

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North Jersey's All-Decade Boys Lacrosse Team:

Mark Glicini

Mahwah, Class of 2011

By Sean Farrell | NorthJersey.com | December 13, 2019

Mahwah High School started its Varsity Boys Lacrosse Team Mark's sophomore year; therefore, he played three varsity seasons (50 games).


"The pioneer of Thunderbird lacrosse, Glicini led the program to a Bergen County title in only its second varsity season. Blessed with size, speed and stick skill, he recorded 186 goals and 100 assists and later become the 30th pick in the Major League Lacrosse Draft."


Chaos' Mark Glicini: 'The Best Teammate in Sports'

By Kyle Devitte | insidelacrosse.com | August 7, 2019

“I would say that he’s the best teammate in sports,” says Chaos head coach Andy Towers. “I don’t know how else to say it any more clearly than that. He exemplifies everything that you want out of every player that you coach; he’s 100 percent genuine, 100 percent of the time.”


You Never Played Lacrosse, but Your Grandchildren Will

By Mark Glicini | premierlacrosseleague.com/articles/markglicinihomecoming | June 3, 2019

For the first ten years of my life, I competed in every sport except one. In fifth grade, one day after I finished baseball practice, I walked a few fields over to attend “Lacrosse Family Night” in my hometown of Mahwah, New Jersey. I knew nothing about lacrosse. Little did I know this sport would dramatically change the course of my life.