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More than motivational speaking or inspirational coaching, we use a unique blend of authenticity, empathy and enthusiasm to teach clients proven strategies that enable them to perform their best when it means the most whether in sports, in school, in business or in life.


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Many people seem to attempt to separate business from leisure and sport from school. As the great thought leader, Jim Rohn, once said, “If you think about vacation while at work, you will certainly think about work while on vacation.” Mark Glicini Peak Performance understands how physical health reflects mental health, studies how intention drives behavior, and provides clarity as to why peak performance training requires an integrative approach, mind + body + spirit.


Mental Performance Coaching


Triad of Health Enhancement


Position & Sport Specific Instruction


Motivational Speaking


Mental Performance Coaching

Mark, like many others, remained unaware of sport & performance psychology for his entire childhood and teenage years. Astonished by the presence of a “mental performance coach” while playing varsity lacrosse at Yale University, Mark discovered the critical element to higher performance, training between the ears.

For over a decade since, Mark has devoted his life to playing lacrosse at the highest level, to studying the nuances of mental performance, and to sharing his enlightenment with like-minded individuals and teams. He blends first-hand experiences with research-backed techniques and strategies to unlock potential. Mark states, “Pressure and stress become friends of those who engage in mental performance training.”


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Mental Performance Coach Mark Glicini

Individualized Systems for Success

Psychological Framework Development

Strategic Mindset Readiness


Triad of Health Enhancement

When building a house, construction workers cannot shape and refine the roof until the foundation is poured and cemented. In a similar manner, the psychological architecture of an individual must contain foundational elements to excellence.

The triad of health enhancement includes: (1) Exercise/Movement (2) Nutritional Lifestyle (3) Sleep/Recovery. A focus on advanced techniques prior to mastering the basics is detrimental to long-term, sustained health and performance. Each of these foundational pillars of health can and should provide more energy, a lower probability of illness/injury, and the best chance at reaching personal goals. Mark trains with his clients to build from the ground up.


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Health Enhancement Mark Glicini

Nutritional Lifestyle Planning

Customized Fitness Programming

Recovery Techniques


Position & Sport Specific Instruction

Mark believes in this adage from Abraham Maslow: “If the only tool you have is a hammer, it is tempting to treat everything as if it were a nail.” Why do we partake in the everyday habits we embody? Why do we do certain exercises at the gym rather than others? Why do we follow the ways activities have always been done instead of finding the best ways? Better results are derived from better strategies.

Every human being is different. Mark Glicini Peak Performance utilizes this differentiation to create customized roadmaps to achieve individual success. Through a combination of proven strategies plus deep conversations toward truth, we guide our clients up their personal mountains at work, at home, and on the road. From athlete to entrepreneur, coach to business executive, individuals discover how to consistently improve and thrive in their positions. What do YOU want? What does your team NEED? We cherish going on those personalized journeys with our clients.


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Position & Sport Specific Instruction Mark Glicini

Activity: Debrief + Review

Advanced, Result-Oriented Strategies

Self Discovery Through Action Plans


Motivational Speaking

Mark knows the impact a select few have had on him from an aspiring, young student-athlete to a professional athlete and entrepreneur. He does not remember every word from his parents, coaches, and teachers at all levels but he can vividly reflect those who cared, who inspired him to chase after his best version of himself, who believed in him.

Do you agree that nobody should care about how much you know until they know how much you care? Mark leads with empathy. He emphasizes how energy is caught, not taught. By way of enthusiastic storytelling and interactive dialogue, Mark looks to evoke his listeners to move from positive thought to neutral, momentous ACTION – available for one-on-one sessions to large group speaking engagements, the same mission applies. Are you ready?


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Motivational Speaking Mark Glicini

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At MGPP, we believe in the power of mentorship. In a similar way Mark surrounds himself with a “personal board of directors,” he acts as a devoted listener and guide for his clients of all ages. Outside of sessions and speaking engagements, Mark offers all-access coaching for individuals who demonstrate consistent commitment to personal development and performance enhancement.


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If success is desired, success must be studied. Grateful and Full of Greatness provides engaging conversations that aim to pull listeners toward higher performance.

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