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We deliver customized mental, physical and nutritional fitness advice and performance strategies to top-level athletes at the high school, college, professional and Olympic levels as well as coaches, teams and business professionals.


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High Performance Demands High Levels of Preparation.

Many people want to be more confident, to have more consistency, and to realize personal levels of achievement; however, as the great motivational speaker, Jim Rohn, once exclaimed, “Life responds to deserve, not need.” What are you willing to do now to improve your future? How important is it for you to reach your goals? Actions reveal desire.

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Individualized Programs

The frequency, intensity, and type of training correlates with an individual’s current state of being, personality, and aspirations.

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A Humanized Approach

Integrative = Mind + Body + Spirit

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Tailored To Your Time

An investment in one’s emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being should be viewed with the same gravity as one’s physical fitness.


Meet Mark

As a trusted authority in Peak Performance, a Certified Fitness Trainer, Nutritionist and Mental Performance Coach, a graduate of Yale University and an experienced professional lacrosse player, Mark Glicini not only understands how to perform at the highest level in pressure situations but shows his clients how they can do so as well. A former standout player at Mahwah High School in Northern New Jersey and later Deerfield Academy, Mark is currently a professional lacrosse player for the San Diego Seals in the NLL, as well as for the Chaos Lacrosse Club in the Premier Lacrosse League. Mark developed his passion for for mental health, superior conditioning and human performance while at Yale.


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Mark Glicini Peak Performance

Our Services

More than a motivational speaking or inspirational coaching, MGPP uses a unique blend of authenticity, empathy and enthusiasm to teach clients proven strategies that enable them to perform their best when it means the most whether in sports, in school, in business or in life.

We deliver customized mental, physical and nutritional fitness advice and performance strategies to top-level athletes at the high school, college, professional and Olympic levels as well as coaches, teams and business professionals. The mission of Mark Glicini Peak Performance is to develop and inspire athletes, coaches and business professionals to become the best versions of themselves using customized Applied Psychology systems and Health & Wellness plans.


Meet Our Team

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Why Mark Glicini Peak Performance?

In the fields of sport psychology, mental performance, and holistic health that are oftentimes misunderstood, MGPP teaches what the best have that the above average don’t. Beyond stigmas and uncertainties, Mark uses his veteran experience as a professional athlete alongside his devotion to understanding the depths of Sport & Performance Psychology to empower clients to realize their ultimate potential.


Mental Performance Coaching

Mark possesses a unique skill set for pulling the best out of his clients because he plays and coaches at the highest level. He can speak to the requirements of peak performance with authenticity. He knows there is no chance of improvement without trust. He guides clients up their personal mountains by utilizing applied psychology, first-hand experience, and research-backed insight.


Sport Specific Instruction

Both sport and life could be defined as a continuous series of problem-solving events. Mark empathetically puts himself in the respective arena of his clients to discuss the mindset and technical steps necessary to win. With a background that involves multiple sports and a devotion to understanding how to play one’s best when it means the most, Mark provides clarity for clients looking to perform well under pressure. This individualized instruction focuses on autonomy, relentless repetition, and mastery.


Triad of Health Enhancement

The fundamental aspects of one’s current physical condition rely upon sleep, nutrition and movement. Through analysis and genuine dialogue, clients discover ways to overcome barriers of different magnitudes in order to become more energized day to day. By focusing on the basics first, Mark helps establish a reliable and resilient foundation to build upon.


Motivational Speaking

Through a combination of information and inspiration, Mark shares stories and strategies for personal development. Listeners are challenged to audit, to reframe perspectives, and to take control. What do you want most, and why? This type of question reflects the depth of intention and communication during these speaking engagements.



When making a decision on who to work with, Mark and his team seek integrity, honesty, and trust. The products and services remain secondary to overall vision. Each brand associated with Mark Glicini Peak Performance upholds a double bottom-line aligned in core values and purpose.

Trusted by athletes and business professionals across the country. What's your excuse? It's time to improve your performance.


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We believe in the power of mentorship. In a similar way Mark surrounds himself with a “personal board of directors,” he acts as a devoted listener and guide for his clients and friends of all ages. Outside of sessions and speaking engagements, Mark offers all-access coaching for individuals who demonstrate consistent commitment to personal development and performance enhancement.


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